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Library of Congress - (  ) This link is directly to the Civil War section, an essential resource for the researcher with a very deep range of every kind of information - from books and photographs to video, movie and audio history.

Arago - People, Postage and the Post - (|sq=confederate|sf=0 )  the Confederate section of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. A resource for the study of philately and postal operations. One of the many research projects with which I have been involved. This is an outstanding and continually evolving resource. Lucky for Confederate specialists that this was one of the first sections to be included. It was unveiled at the Washington 2006 international exhibition.

U.S. National Archives - (  )On-line access to art works, census data, US legal manuscripts, the Federal Register and so much more. An invaluable source.

2-Clicks Stamps -  ) a stamp collecting directory that provides collectors an online philatelic guide with a database of 3,500 classified philatelic web pages, all under a specific category - an excellent resource.

AskPhil (short for "Philately") - (  ) is provided as a service to offer general answers to questions about stamp collecting. It is a the non-commercial, all-reference site sponsored by the Collectors Club of Chicago and covers a broad range of subjects. Highly

iTools - (  ) Use the best tool for the job. Find and share the best tools to get whatever you want done. Simply.

Joe Luft's Philatelic Research Page - (  ) An extensive selection of worldwide philatelic links.

Virtual Stamp Club - (  ) An on-line philatelic newspaper or magazine, with a very active "Letters to the Editor" section. In the forum, you'll find news, information, opinions and advice.

Stamp Link - (  ) "Your on-ramp to the hottest sites in stamp collecting"

Collector Cafe - (  ) This online community guide sponsored by Stanley Gibbons, provides articles and news on more than 90 collecting interests. Visitors can contact other collectors and post free advertisements in the classified section. Collector Cafe contains links to hundreds of specialist dealer sites and is a valuable source of information for every collector.

Stamp Forgery Guide -  ) Worldwide sources of information on forged stamps and stamp expertising searchable by country or expert, past and present, with over 1700 listings.


General Civil War Websites of Special Interest

American Civil War - (   ) "Your history site on the Web". While not philatelic, this is a comprehensive Civil War site with forums that may be of interest and is a good source for research projects.

Brian and Maria Green - (  ) Dealing in paper memorabilia of the Civil War - autographs, letters, documents, diaries, currency and stamps. Brian has been in the business for forty years and visits major Civil War shows around the country. Brian's wife, Maria, shares his enthusiasm for things Confederate.

Jim Stanley & Associates - (  ) Jim is a collector and purveyor of museum quality investment grade Civil War artifacts, images and documents. If your interests go beyond "paper", you may want to visit Jim's site.

Museum Quality Americana - (  ) This is a division of Cal Packard, LLC. Cal and his daughter Sarah sell quality historical artifacts and documents. A nicely done and most interesting site that specializes in Civil War materials with emphasis on "paper".

The Battery Relics -  )Cecil Hooper's Civil War relic website "Giving History a Future". Cecil has a small section of documents and letters as well.

Confederate Railroads -  ) David L. Bright's excellent resource. You will find each railroad, its location and length, its type and size of rail, the number of cars and locomotives it had when the war started, and the names and technical data of each locomotive. There are also lists of stations on each road and comments about most Confederate cities, taken from a Confederate railroad guide. There are well over 7,500 transcriptions of the railroad issues-related documents that he continues to find and post.


Philatelic Retail Dealers - Respected Competitors

John L. Kimbrough -  ) My esteemed online competitor. John and I both have a passion for Confederates. His site also has articles and an in depth section on Confederate fakes. John is a respected author as well as a fellow member of the CSA Authentication Service.

Richard Frajola - (  ) One of the most knowledgeable U.S. students/dealers in the country, also a former postal history auctioneer. While his specialty is mostly quality U.S., he also knows and handles Confederates. He maintains a popular Message Board for collectors/dealers on his site as well.

Patricia A. Kaufmann - (  ) One of the best confederate philatelic sites on the web. Lots of online articles, hints, and stamps to reference or purchase. A great dealer and knowledge base that you can trust!

Auction Houses that offer Confederates

Schuyler J. Rumsey - (  ) San Francisco
Robert A. Siegel - (  ) New York

Philatelic Exhibition Websites

APS Show Calendar - (  )  lists all the major national shows
New York 2016 - (  ) the next big international show
NAPEX - (  ) Washington, DC area - the premier East coast show
WESTPEX -  ) San Francisco area - the premier West coast show


JPCohen - 3 1851 stamp project: We continue Dr. Chase's work on the 1851 3 Washington stamp; offering a fresh look at this important US postal issue. This is perhaps the most collected US stamp ever issued. Currently we have over 3000 reference items in my personal research library, with a goal is to make them reviewable here at this site. We have two plate reconstructions in progress plate 2 and 3. If you have any singles from these plates contact us today, we would like to consider an acquisition or your gift in kind. UPDATE! You can now download a free sample copy of our book, before its even published!

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