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Historical Background
U.S. Presidents check list. Checklist of Presidents of the United States

List includes Vice Presidents, terms in office and party.

U.S. Presidents Widows check list. Checklist of free franking privileges for presidential widows List includes, wife name, date of birth, dates for FREE frank usage, dates of death for wives and presidents.
Chronology traces the evolution to 1792. Evolution of American Postal System to 1792 Chronology of the postal system in U.S. ending in 1792. (Biblography)
Postmasters' Provisionals
  St. Louis Postmaster's Provisional  
New York Postmaster's Provisionals
1847 thru 1869 Issues
The first U.S. postage stamps issued. 1847 Issue

The Act of March 3, 1847, signed by President Polk, specified that PMG Cave Johnson “be authorized to prepare postage stamps ...".

Second series issued, 1¢. One-Cent 1851-56 Issue July 1, 1851 the rates were lowered and new stamps were printed.
Second series issued, 3¢. 3-Cent 1851-56 Issue

The 1851 1¢ rate for local use, newspapers and circulars

Second series issued, 5¢. 5-Cent 1856 Issue

3¢ for letters sent up to 3,000 miles and 6¢ for letters sent over 3k miles.

Second series issued, 10¢. 10-Cent 1855 Issue
Second series issued, 12¢. 12-Cent 1851-56 Issue  
Second series gets perforations in 1857. 1857-60 Issue
  1875 Reprint of 1857-60 Issue  
1861-66 Issue
  1875 Re-Issue of 1861-66 Issue  
1867-68 Grilled Issues
  1868 Z Grill  
1869 Pictorial Issue
  1869 Pictorial Inverts  
1870-93 Bank Note Issues
  1870-75 National & Continental Bank Note Issues  
1875 Continental Bank Note Co. Special Printings
  1879-93 American Bank Note Company Issues  
1880-84 American Bank Note Company Special Printings

JPCohen - 3¢ 1851 stamp project: We continue Dr. Chase's work on the 1851 3¢ Washington stamp; offering a fresh look at this important US postal issue. This is perhaps the most collected US stamp ever issued. Currently we have over 3000 reference items in my personal research library, with a goal is to make them reviewable here at this site. We have two plate reconstructions in progress plate 2 and 3. If you have any singles from these plates contact us today, we would like to consider an acquisition or your gift in kind. UPDATE! You can now download a free sample copy of our book, before its even published!

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