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 This site is hosted to further the study of U.S. Postal history, Philatelic studies and to expand on existing work, text and conversations for future philatelic use and enjoyment. Any information that is posted from other work we will give full credit to it's authors. It is mirrored here on this site simply for ease of finding the information, and to save on bandwidth down loads for our viewers. I hope that it will be used as a reference tool, conversation enhancer, and lasting tribute to the work of countless philatelic scholars. This site is not endorsed by anyone other than myself. Comments are welcome.

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US Philatelic Libraries US Libraries  List of United States Philatelic libraries
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Stamps are safe for all Children. stamps & kids Please encourage stamp collecting early for children!
Stampless Period Stampless Period  by James W. Milgram, M.D.
Postmasters' Provisional Period 1845 - 47 Postmasters' Provisional 1845 - 47  by Philip T. Wall
U.S. Carriers, Locals, & Independent Mails Carriers, Locals, & Independents  by Gordon Stimmell
The 1847 Period 1847 Period  The 1847 postal issues.
Image references of US Classics (1847-1869 ) 1847 - 1869  1847-1869 "the classics" image reference guide.
The U.S. 3 Stamp: 1851-57 U.S. 3 Stamp The 3 Washington project  (JP Cohen Publishing)
3 Washington die Esay
 JP Cohen: researcher JP Cohen Projects JP Cohen 1851 3  issue project
Download PDF documents from R. Siegel. Internet Philatelic Resources Philatelic research documents in PDF format by topic.
The US 1851-57, 3 Washington Issue  JP Cohen's Book - download (pdf format)

Now Available, download a sample of my book.

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US postal - Freaks & errors 24 Curtiss Jenny Invert  
32 Nixon commemorative- invert is fake.  Investigations found the invert to be worthless printer's waste.
Airmail Label Tin Dispenser Our collection, "tin" dispenser for Airmail Etiquettes.
Airmail Etiquettes (labels) Our study, everything we know about Airmail Etiquettes. 
Airmail Etiquettes, Space thematic etiquettes Space thematic etiquettes New Space themed airmail etiquettes.
Helpful Philatelic Resources by topic philatelic resources New General study of Philatelic resources and history.
Useful Philatelic Links Resource Links - page One Research Resources, send us your favorite research links
Useful Philatelic Links continued Resource Links - page Two Research Resources, continues.
Confederate Philatelic Resource Links Confederate resources - page Three Confederate research, stamp identification and history.
The US Classics Society - Home page. U.S. Philatelic Classics Society Website The organization is sanctioned by APS, site for history.
Original watercolor cacheted FDC JPCohen Stamp Covers  Original watercolor cachets by J. P. Cohen.
  Scale conversion charts Handy hobby scale conversion charts.

 JPCohen - 3 1851 stamp project: We continue Dr. Chase's work on the 1851 3 Washington stamp; offering a fresh look at this important US postal issue. This is perhaps the most collected US stamp ever issued. Currently I have studied thousands reference items from private and public collections, with a goal is to make some reviewable here at this site.

Contact me at joe.cohen@rvv.com ; last updated:07/31/14. APS #210296, USPCS #4353, GRSC #618Richmond Virtual Village (rvv.com) logo