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General Resources
  Stamp Collecting at
  Stamp Collecting World
  APS FAQ page

Philatelic Search Engines, Archives, Educatonal Portals

  1. The Resource to the Study of Philately and Postal Operations as seen through the National Postal Museum's Collection
    A How-to Resource for the Beginning Collector, Hundreds of stamp links

  3. Glassine Surfer Web Directory
  4. Milonic Domain Name Look-up
  6. Robert A. Siegel
    Searches 10+ years of Catalogues

Expertizing Services

  1. Chartered in 1945, recognized as central source for expertise in philately

  2. A joint effort of the American Philatelic Society (APS) and the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA), offers opinions on the genuineness of philatelic material at moderate cost

  3. Philatelic Expertizing
  4. William Weiss
    Expert Philatelic Authentication Services for U.S. Stamps

APS Partners

  United States Postal Service
  National Postal Museum
  American Stamp Dealers Assn.
  National Stamp Dealers Assn.
  International Federation of Philately
  American Assn. of Philatelic Exhibitors
  American Topical Association
  American First Day Cover Society

Message Boards & Blogs

  The Postal Historian
  Virtual Stamp Club
  Stamp Collecting Round-up (blog)


  Scott Catalog

Commercial Publications

  Canadian Stamp News
  Linn’s Stamp News
  Mekeel's and Stamp News Magazine
  U.S. Stamp News

On-Line Exhibits


United States Stamps

  Museum of U. S. Proofs and Essays

Other Resources

  Philatelic Software
  Postal Administrations
  Stamp Printers

Museums & Libraries

  1. American Memory
    A Gateway to Primary Source Materials Relating to the History & Culture of the U.S.
  2. American Philatelic Research Library
    Includes Online Catalogue
  3. Annuity Museum
    A non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of historic documents and artifacts relating to annuities.
  4. British Library
    Collection, Catalogues, Services, etc.
  5. British Library - Philatelic Rarities
    Rare and Special Items from the World's Largest and Most Diverse Collections of Philatelic Material

  6. U.S. Congressional Documents & Debates, 1774-1873
  7. National Postal Museum Maynard Sundman Lecture Series II
    One hour video (71MB) of David Beech (President, Royal Philatelic Society London) speaking on the legendary Grinnell Missionaries

  8. Library of Congress
    Gateway to Library Catalogs Z39.50
  9. Library of Congress Map Collections
    Americana & Cartographic Treasures - Searchable 1500-2002 A.D.

  10. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Reading Room
    Prints, Drawings, Posters & Photographs Online Collection - 13.7 million+ images

  11. Cornell Univ. Library's contribution to Making of America, a Digital Library of 1° sources in American Social History
  12. Munich Philatelic Library
    Specialized Collection of over 45,000 Monographs, Periodicals & Auction Catalogs
  13. National Postal Museum
    at the Smithsonian Institute

  14. Branches, Research, Online Resources & Services

  15. Smithsonian Photographic Services
  16. The Railway Mail Service Library
    An archival collection of primary and secondary sources pertaining to en route distribution history
  17. Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History
  18. U.T. Library Online Maps of the World
    Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
  19. Western Philatelic Library
    Specialized Collection of over 8,000 Books & Monographs

Biographical Information

  2. Bureau of Printing & Engraving (BEP)
  3. Charles Toppan
  4. Federal Government
    Agencies, Databases, Departments, General, History, Law, Publications, etc.
  5. Federal Government Information (Other)
    U.S Government Printing Office & Links
  6. History
  7. Postmaster Finder

  8. Postmasters General of the United States
  9. U.S. Government Information
    100's of resources & Subjects

General Information

  1. .com
  2. All About Philately
    Basics and Links
  3. American Banknote Company & Its Predecessor Companies
    A Comprehensive Historical Website, by
  4. American Philatelic Congress
    Searchable Index to Congress Books, by Leonard H. Hartmann
  5. Can Stock
    One of the world's largest microstock photography agencies
  6. Counterfeits & Fakes of Confederate Stamps
    by Kevin Baker
  7. Digital Imaging Help, with Tutorials
  8. Differentiating Bank Note Issues by Paper
    by Andy Higgins
  9. Domestic Postal Rates 1789-1956
    Published POD, 1956. Partially reprinted by Greg Sutherland, 1995Ê
  10. Fakes & Forgeries
    A Collection of Fakes purchased on Ebay, by Richard Doporto
  11. Forgeries
    Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site by Country

  12. Frajola's Board For Philatelists
    A public site - philatelists preferred, business too!
  13. The Inflation Calculator
    Adjusts any Given Amount of Money for Inflation, According to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2001
  14. Map Collections - Historical
    David Rumsey Collection with over 8,000, focusing on rare 18th and 19th century North & South America maps & other cartographic materials
  15. Old
    Fantastic Resource of old "birds-eye-views" of U.S. cites, towns & provinces from the U.S. Library of Congress
  16. Philatelic Experts
    Worldwide list of 1820 individual stamp experts, past and present, with their areas of specialization, who have back stamped or hand signed postage stamps, or issued certificates. Some 700 scans are included for the deciphering of stamp expert marks.
  17. Foto Search
    A provider of royalty free & rights managed stock photography, illustrations, maps, video, and audio.

  18. A periodical magazine of classical philately and postal history which is mailed internationally to major stamp collectors and stamp dealers worldwide
  19. Postal
    Resource with Links to Exhibits, Postal History Sites, Societies, Dealers, Literature, Useful Stuff, etc. by John Tollan

  20. Preservations & Care of Philatelic Materials (PCPM)
    Official Standing Committee of the APS
  21. SCADS
    An International Association of Philatelists Whose Goals are to Combat Fraudulent & Shady Tactics by Sellers of Stamps
  22. Scanning Tips
    by Wayne Fulton
  23. TheShipsList
    Passenger lists, immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists, etc.
  24. More Scanning Tips
    Special Reference to Creating Digital Images of Philatelic Materials, by Peter G. Aitken
  25. Stamp Printers Information
    Details Stamp & Postal Stationery Printers, includes New Issue Reports, Articles, Catalogues, Handbooks, Company Literature & the Internet by Glenn H. Morgan, FRPSL
  26. State Postal History Registry of the NPM
    Find Answers to Questions about Philatelic Postal History Related to Your State.
  27. U.S. Taxpaid Revenue Stamps - An Introduction
    Overview of the Types, Usages with Digital Images

  28. U. S. Stamps - A Pictorial Guide
    Covers Postage, Revenues, Officials, Locals, Ducks, Other B.O.B., etc.
  29. U.S Postal History Societies online
    A Service of the Empire State Postal History Society, by Glenn Estus

Research Projects by Students & Organizations
  1. Confederate States of America
    Stamps & Postal History of CSA
  2. Civil War Postal History of Vicksburg, Miss.
    Military History, Postal Routes, Covers, Cancels, References, etc., by William S. Parks

  3. Putting Together the Colorado Territory, by Richard C. Frajola
  4. Encyclopedia of Stamps
    at Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc.
  5. Imprints: 1847 to 1868, U.S. Usages
    Excellent Single Frame Vermeil & Gold Award Exhibit, by Chip Gliedman
  6. Modern U.S. Postal History
    by Roland Austin
  7. North Carolina States Archives Postal History Project
    The collection, preservation, cataloging, publication and exhibition of North Carolina Postal History
  8. Post Office in Paradise
    Mail & Postage Stamps of 19th Century Hawaii
  9. Precancel Stamp Society (PSS)
    An excellent overview with links to Articles, History, Events, etc.
  10. The Rebel Post
    Very informative for Collecting Confederate Era Stamps
  11. Revenue Stamped Paper of United States
    The Two-Cent Civil War Design
  12. Survey of Target Cancels used by City & State from 1847-1894
    from the U.S. Cancellation Club
  13. Taxpaids
    Introduction to United States Taxpaid Revenue Stamps
  14. What the R's Are
    An Overview of United States Scott-Listed Revenue Stamps
  15. The Use of Wicking to Distinguish Old Stamps
    Scott #178 versus #183
    by Howard Relles
  16. The Use of Wicking to Distinguish Old Stamps
    The 3¢ and 10¢ Bank Note Issues printed on "white wove paper" versus "soft porous paper"
    by Howard Relles
  17. The Use of Wicking to Distinguish Old Stamps
    Official Stamps printed on "thin hard paper" versus "soft porous paper"
    by Howard Relles
  18. The Use of Wicking to Distinguish Old Stamps
    Scott #158 versus #184
    by Howard Relles

Stamp Shows & Clubs
  1.  Show Calendar
    Updated, Published Monthly in The American Philatelist)
  2. Stamp Shows Worldwide
    U.S., Canada, & International
  3. ESPER
    Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections
  4. SE Federation of Stamps Clubs
    Furthering the hobby in the entire SE U.S.
  5. Stampshow
    The APS Annual Convention & Philatelic Exhibition

JPCohen - 3¢ 1851 stamp project: We continue Dr. Chase's work on the 1851 3¢ Washington stamp; offering a fresh look at this important US postal issue. This is perhaps the most collected US stamp ever issued. Currently we have over 3000 reference items in my personal research library, with a goal is to make them reviewable here at this site. We have two plate reconstructions in progress plate 2 and 3. If you have any singles from these plates contact us today, we would like to consider an acquisition or your gift in kind. UPDATE! You can now download a free sample copy of our book, before its even published!

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