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Welcome to Richmond, VA, home of the Richmond Virtual Village web portal. 

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 Autumn Celebrations


Autumn Celebrations

   Recommended links are safe for children.

  • Celebrate Winter! - Part of Education World's lesson plans, this page offers more than a dozen suggestions for celebrating winter solstice. Most activities are geared toward upper elementary students.
  • Hummingbird's Seasons: Winter
  • Hummingbird's Winter Archives - These two pages offer dozens of seasonal cross-curricular activities for preschoolers through elementary-age students. Visit to find language activities, crafts, snack suggestions, math and science ideas, and more.
  • Kids Domain Winter Fun - Visit this site with children to play seasonal games online, print coloring pages and puzzles, download kid-friendly software, and more.
  • The Mitten - This activity page on Bry-Back Manor's site includes both  text for "The Mitten" and printable pieces to act out the story. Mitten pattern may be printed on heavy paper for children to "sew" together with yarn. Animals can be copied onto white paper, colored, and put inside the mitten at the appropriate time in the story. Character patterns also work great for creating a flannel board story.
  • The Mitten Teacher's Guide - Teachers using Jan Brett's The Mitten in the classroom will be delighted to find this guide to teaching the work on Brett's web site. Included on the site are face masks (color printer required) that students may use to enact the story.
  • Nuttin But Kids Winter Page - Designed for childcare providers, this site offers cross-curricular activities appropriate for young learners.
  • Snowflake Finger play - Another Bry-Back Manor special, this activity page provides finger puppets and a copy of the finger play "Five Little Snowflakes."
  • Snow Fun - This page, created by a preschool teacher, offers dozens of learning activities centered upon the theme of snow. While the ideas are geared toward the youngest learners, several could be adapted for early elementary.
  • Stop by the Web on a Snowy Evening - Part of Education World's lesson plans, this page suggests snow-related activities for students of all ages and abilities.
  • Winter Theme - This page, created by a kindergarten teacher, offers about twenty winter-related activities. Also included is a list of recommended books.




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