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   Recommended links are safe for children.

  • The First Thanksgiving Proclamation - Interested in the real story of Thanksgiving? Read history in the words of its makers.

  • The First Thanksgiving - A simple version of events leading up to the first Thanksgiving, as supported by historical documents.

  • The First Thanksgiving - Explores what the first Thanksgiving was and what it wasn't. Attempts to dispel common myths. From the Plimouth Foundation.

  • History of Thanksgiving -'s History of Thanksgiving allows visitors to travel back to Plymouth and learn surprising facts about the first feast, from what food was consumed to what pilgrims really wore.

  • The Mayflower Web Page - A descendant of John Alden, Myles Standish, and other Mayflower passengers has compiled one of the most extensive sites on the Internet detailing the journey of the Mayflower, its passenger lists, Mayflower documents including The Mayflower Compact, and more.

  • Oh, How That Thanksgiving Spread has Changed Since 1621 - This article from CNN compares the feasts of Thanksgivings past with contemporary American spreads.

  • Thanksgiving in Canton, Mass. in 1884 - Reproduction of a Thanksgiving menu from 1884. Complete with cooking instructions which are for reference only--DOES NOT comply with today's USDA standards.

  • The Thanksgiving Story - History of Thanksgiving, including proclamations by Washington, Lincoln, and Bradford. Especially for younger audiences.

  • The Thanksgiving Story - Traces the history of Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims' first observance to the creation of a legal holiday.

  • The True Thanksgiving Story - Examines the origins of Thanksgiving in the United States. Pays particular attention to the religious roots of the occasion.

  • Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation - This is another must-read for those interested in the history of the United States in the words of its Fathers. ... Makes a great history lesson!

  • ESL Quiz -- Thanksgiving - Students fill in the blanks to complete this short cloze exercise about Thanksgiving. A Jave-enable browser is required to check answers. From the Internet TESL Journal.

  • ESL Scramble Word Quiz -- Thanksgiving Meal - The Internet TESL Journal hosts this simple eight-question puzzle, complete with answers.

  • Thanksgiving Sites for TESOL - Leslie Opp-Beckman's compilation of Thanksgiving sites with ESL activities given for each site; primarily for students in high school and above with intermediate to advanced language abilities.

  • Thanksgiving - Detailed collection of links designed to help those from countries other than the United States understand what the holiday is all about. From the University of Illinois' Intensive English Institute.

  • Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle for ESL/EFL Students - Also from the Internet TESL Journal, this interactive crossword requires a java-enabled browser.

  • Thanksgiving - An Internet treasure hunt designed to help ESL students understand the history behind the American Thanksgiving, as well as how the holiday is celebrated today.

  • Thanksgiving Lesson Plan - Single lesson plan appropriate for younger ESL/EFL students focuses on vocabulary related to Thanksgiving and the history of the holiday.

  • Thanksgiving - Defines terms commonly associated with Thanksigiving and provides their historical context. Includes links to related quizzes, exercises, and games.
    Especially for Kids

  • An American Thanksgiving for Kids and Parents  - Designed to appeal to the younger set, this site offers a simple history of Thanksgiving, a collection of games and other activities appropriate for Thanksgiving, and some popular holiday recipes.

  • Billy Bear's Happy Thanksgiving - A virtual playground is filled with online games, puzzles, crafts, clip art, and screen savers.

  • Black Dog's Thanksgiving Fun and Games - Online games and puzzles, printable coloring pages, free screen saver and wallpaper, and recipes.

  • DLTK's Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - Free printable templates for children's Thanksgiving crafts suitable for younger children.

  • A Feast of Fun - Sixteen holiday activities, including online games, holiday recipes, comics, stories, world traditions, and quizzes from

  • GeoKids Thanksgiving Activity Pages - Dozens of printable activities, including word puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, and other games.

  • Kids Domain Thanksgiving - Includes Macintosh and PC programs for kids, coloring pages, Thanksgiving art, original word puzzles, mazes, and crafts.

  • An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving - Complete text reproduced from Louisa May Alcott's classic work.

  • Autumn and Thanksgiving Poetry - A small collection of classic poems related to the Thanksgiving season.

  • The Courtship of Miles Standish - The complete text of Longfellow's classic poem available online.

  • Thanksgiving Articles - Holiday collection includes several inspirational articles and short stories related to Thanksgiving.

  • A Thanksgiving Hymn - A nineteenth-century poem which extols the traditional values of Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving Poetry Index - From Robert Frost to Jack Prelutsky, this site the Thanksgiving poetry of both classic and contemporary writers. Most poems are illustrated, and all are suitable for children as well as older readers.

  • Annie's Thanksgiving Page - If you surf the net with children, this is a nice Thanksgiving site to take them to. It includes Thanksgiving songs, prayers, games, stories, and coloring pages.

  • Canadian Thanksgiving - This personal page describes how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada and includes the history behind the day.

  • Cyber Grandma's Thanksgiving Greeting - This page includes Thanksgiving poetry and music, a sketch of Thanksgiving on the farm, and children's views of Thanksgiving. It appeals to children and adults alike and doesn't require extensive English skills, so it's ideal for ESL/EFL students.

  • Thanks Through The Ages -Throughout history, cultures have given thanks for bountiful harvests and good fortune with special celebrations. This page explores some of those celebrations.

  • Thanksgiving: A Season of Giving - This site, which briefly outlines the origins of Thanksgiving then provides Thanksgiving poems and recipes, is a good site to visit with students or children.

  • Thanksgiving: Its History, Customs and Traditions - An online quiz about Thanksgiving trivia, along with the story of the holiday. Also includes a word search puzzle.

  • Thanksgiving - Another site great for adults and children, this site offers a wealth of crafts, facts and trivia related to Thanksgiving, and holiday recipes. Of special interest is their retelling of the story of the first Thanksgiving, complete with historical documentation yet appealing to younger readers.
    For Teachers

  • Are You Teaching the Real Story of Thanksgiving? - This article from Education World examines how Thanksgiving is commonly portrayed in the classroom and encourages teachers to look at the holiday from a Native American perspective.

  • The First Thanksgiving - Series of language arts activities focuses on the relationship between the Pilgrims and the Indians. From Scholastic.

  • Nuttin But Kids Thanksgiving Page - A teacher shares songs and fingerplays, art activities, learning center tasks, games, and concepts suitable for use in the early childhood classroom.

  • Squanto and the First Thanksgiving - Lesson plan aimed at younger students focuses on the role Squanto played.

  • Teel Family Thanksgiving - This page, created by a home-schooling family, includes a Thanksgiving unit study, unique Thanksgiving coloring pages, and more.

  • Teaching About Thanksgiving - A Native American educator addresses common misconceptions about the Pilgrims and offers suggestions for how teachers can more accurately portray the first Thanksgiving.

NOTE: Visitors to this page should also view Caleb Johnson's Factual Rebuttal, which garnered the attention of the New York Times in 1998.



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