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 President's day


Presidents' Day

   Recommended links are safe for children.

  • First in War, First in Peace, Third Monday in February - District Attorney from West Tennessee reflects on the U.S. Presidency and challenges Nixon's decision to replace Washington's birthday with Presidents' Day.

  • IPL POTUS--Presidents of the United States - Part of the Internet Public Library initiative, this site contains the most detailed collection of information about U.S. presidents available online. Find biographical sketches of every president, including election results, cabinet members, key events, and links to historical documents and related sites.

  • New Book of Knowledge: Presidents and First Ladies - Grolier features biographical sketches of all 42 U.S. presidents on its website. Articles are taken from Grolier's New Book of Knowledge series, a set of encyclopedias designed for 3rd through 8th graders. For more condensed biographical information, visit Grolier's presidential fact finder. For more detailed information, visit Grolier's Encyclopedia Americana: Presidents and First Ladies page, designed for grade 6 and above.

  • New Book of Knowledge: President of the United States - Also available on Grolier's web site is a (relatively) simple explanation of the U.S. president's position and responsibilities. This article is a must-read for non-citizens who are trying to understand U.S. government. It's also a great resource for children just getting acquainted with the political process.

  • President's Day -'s President's Day page features several online quizzes about the U.S. presidency. Also of interest is an article from last year, "President's Day and Impeachment: Can the President Still be a Hero?" Written from a positive perspective, the article provides parents and others with several good suggestions for helping children respond when a "hero" falls.

  • Presidents Day Doesn't Do George Washington Justice - Athens Daily News commentary challenges the elimination of Washington's birthday as its own federal holiday.

  • President's Day Fun - Perpetual Preschol offers President's Day songs, action rhymes, and art activities for use with young children.

  • President's Day Quiz - Designed especially for students of English as a second or foreign language, this online quiz includes questions about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  • Welcome to the White House - The official site of the U.S. White House, this site allows you to take a virtual tour of the president's home, learn about past presidents and vice-presidents, and even send e-mail to the current administration. For the younger set, the White House web site includes a White House for Kids segment.




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