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 Labor day


Labor Day

   Recommended links are safe for children.

  • AITLC Guide to Labor and Labor Day - An educators' guide to Labor Day resources on the Internet. From ACCESS INDIANA Teaching and Learning Center.

  • An Eclectic List of Events in the History of U.S. Labor - This page features a chronology of labor struggles in the U.S. In several instances, worker protests led to deadly intervention by management or even the U.S. government. Because the nature of some of the incidents related, this site is not recommended for young viewers.

  • Annie's Labor Day Page - Annie's Labor Day page begins with a Bible study on the subject of labor. Also featued is a list of the ten largest labor unions in the U.S. and a list of all twentieth-century U.S. Secretaries of Labor.

  • A Short History of Labor Day - Part of Unionweb, this page discusses industry trends and changes in U.S. labor laws in the last century. Content is geared toward more mature readers.

  • Bone Up on Labor Day - This site offers answers to common questions about the American Labor Day holiday, including how it's celebrated, who thought it up, and when it became a holiday.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics - This site offers a good starting point for examining the current state of the U.S. economy as well as regional job markets. Data is provided for several months, allowing for comparison and contrast. Many BOL publications are also available online.

  • The Global Citizen: Labor Day - Featured here is a controversial article about the state of labor in the U.S. today. The article provides interesting material for discussion and/or debate.

  • John and Ruth's Labor Day Page - This family-oriented page offers quotations and poetry related to Labor Day with a distinctly Christian twist.

  • Labor Day - This page uses simple language to tell the history of Labor Day, its significance, and ways in which people celebrate the holiday. Ideal for younger viewers and students with moderate English skills.

  •  The Origins of Labor Day - Part of the PBS web site, this page provides information about the origins of Labor Day that was first aired in a September 1996 News Hour.

  •  A Short History of American Labor - This Union Web resource discusses industry trends and changes in U.S. labor laws over the past century.

  • There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays ~ Labor Day - This page includes historical information, poetry, and children's literature recommendations.

  • U.S. Department of Labor: The History of Labor Day - This page relates the origins of Labor Day and explains the holiday's significance.




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