Westpex 2012 Auction


Specialized Collection of the 1851 3¢ Washington Issue.
The 3¢ Washington postage stamp of 1852-61, printed by Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co. is the most commonly found stamp from the series. This archive uses my collection as reference material; however when examples are not readily available other collection material is referenced. All credit to those collections, images, text copy remain that of their respective owners and we stake no claim to their work, copy right or ownership in any way. They are only included for study and educational references.

Items in the Westpex 2012 Auction Collection

Lot 1 - 1851, 3¢ Orange Brown, Type I, position 71-72R1L, horizontal pair, bold blue Nashville, town cancel, Scott No. 10 SOLD: $600.

1851, 3¢ Orange Brown, Type I, position 75R1E, on white envelope, tied by neat "Newburyport, Ms., Oct 6" CDS on folded letter sheet to Boston, Mass., Scott Catalogue USA No.10 Estimate $150 - 200. Realized: $230.00

1851, 3¢ Orange Brown, Type I, Top Margin Single, showing guide dot at top right, margins on white envelope, tied by red grid handstamp on 1851 folded letter sheet to Pittsburgh, Pa., matching "Brownsville, Pa., Jul 10" CDS; file fold, Very Fine, a…

(Cancels) 1851-56, 3¢ Issue, Waterway Cancel, O.B.; includes red and black "Louisville & Cincinnati Mail Line" balloon CDS tying on piece.
Scott Catalogue USA No. 11.

(Cancels) 3¢ Orange Brown, Type I, tied on piece by manuscript "Armstrong Academy, C.N., Dec 2nd 1851" cancel, an early Choctaw Nation postmark. Scott Catalogue USA No. 10 Estimate $100 - 150. Realized: $55